About Power-Gomez

Thank you for your interest in the Power-Gomez family. This website is a way for us to chronicle our progress in life, and allow our friends and family to share in our lives.

We’ve come a long way, and family is the most important thing in our lives. The Power-Gomez family is about supporting one-another, working hard to progress in life, and living our dreams. We’d love your input, and to know you’re with us.

Our immediate family includes myself (Chris), Michele, Joshua and Heather. It’s mid-June, first few days of summer. I look forward to a wonderful summer and our enjoying the time we have together.

PowerGomez Motorports

pg bmw.jpg

BMW M3 conversion

PowerGomez Motorsports designs, develops, manufactures and sells high performance vehicles built from base chassis of Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Mustang and BMW. We are a low volume vehicle design, engineering and manufacturing company focusing on the customization of automobiles that have sales success.

PowerGomez Motorsports-branded products include a line of high performance and upgraded muscle cars, off road vehicles, automotive aftermarket parts and lifestyle accessories.

jeep mc

Jeep Grand Cherokee conversion

Michele Power-Gomez


Michele is the Matriarch, plain-and-simple. She keeps us grounded, keeps us alert and aware. She comforts and guides and we love her so much.

Michele, while supporting our family business efforts with office and sales assistance is building her business foundation in massage therapy, essential oils and aroma therapy – she’s dedicated to acquiring the accreditation needed to launch her practice. It’s a transition in life from being a stay-at-home mom; which she has conquered with great success.

She and Heather leave today for London and Italy, a trip that Heather is championing – since college in London she dreams of going-back. This is here second trip, both with her mother; they enjoy travelling together. This trip they are accompanied by Dawn (Michele’s sister) and Shania (Dawn’s daughter)… the four of them should take Europe by storm! Stay tuned, we’ll post pictures as we get them.

Power-Gomez Publishing


Early in his career in brand positioning Chris Power-Gomez was identifying lifestyles and associating brands. His love for magazines also began early in his career – as part of the founding group of several start-up magazines in Los Angeles. As a media cross-over Chris created LA Today, a syndicated magazine format television show for MetroMedia Television

Power-Gomez Publishing specializes in print/online lifestyles magazines. Always industry specific, and satisfying a consumer-direct or b-to-b consumer disconnect; Power-Gomez publishes national magazines with local, community content and distribution

As part of the business model, Power-Gomez Publishing created and manages a regional licensing program providing regional magazines s a turn-key small; business opportunit

Power-Gomez Publishing produces two magazines presently, Autolife / Automobile Lifestyles and Flip Magazine.





rip mustang


The Rip Mustang was originally built in 2005. A Ford Racing satellite shop in SFV built the motor… a 2 valve monster. Ya, 2 valve.

JBA Racing in SD took over. Trans was built to hold 1,200 hp. I got one of those license plate brackets that said ” Corvettes for lunch Ferrari’s for dinner”

Ford Racing brakes – Saleen body.












IMG_0218Enter new motor – has 100 miles on warm up, great naturally asp motor.

not going to complete… GOTTA SELL!!

so all for sale.

Short block –

PI Heads –

Shorty headers –





20′ wheels & tires… never rolled on road.

New convert top

Saleen (Bilstein) Racecraft susp. (not coil over’s)




IMG_0215Cold air intake

Alum radiator

Valve covers

Intake / Plenum