Chris Power-Gomez

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Chris Power-Gomez has realized, and is living what is his true purpose – raising and managing his family.

His wife Michele and their two children Joshua and Heather are his reason for life. After his tragic accident of 2010 Chris had an opportunity to find what is really valuable in this life. That value is seeing every day unfold, and what that day can bring to

the Power-Gomez family.

God has blessed Chris with so much, and he intends to take those blessings and use them to help Michele, Josh and Heather flourish in their lives as individuals, and as a family.

Chris’ day-to-day activities include working with his son to grow the baseball business, and he leads his publishing business, and his professional services firm – growing each business in holistic fashion to one-day pass them off to his two kids Josh and Heather. Each can be viewed at:

Power-Gomez Baseball

Power-Gomez Brand Marketing

Power-Gomez Publishing

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