Michele Power-Gomez


Michele is the Matriarch, plain-and-simple. She keeps us grounded, keeps us alert and aware. She comforts and guides and we love her so much.

Michele, while supporting our family business efforts with office and sales assistance is building her business foundation in massage therapy, essential oils and aroma therapy – she’s dedicated to acquiring the accreditation needed to launch her practice. It’s a transition in life from being a stay-at-home mom; which she has conquered with great success.

She and Heather leave today for London and Italy, a trip that Heather is championing – since college in London she dreams of going-back. This is here second trip, both with her mother; they enjoy travelling together. This trip they are accompanied by Dawn (Michele’s sister) and Shania (Dawn’s daughter)… the four of them should take Europe by storm! Stay tuned, we’ll post pictures as we get them.