Power-Gomez Baseball


Joshua’s life has always been driven by baseball. It is his passion.

Since he was ten he’s been part-of some very advanced baseball programs. He’s  been mentored by baseball’s best. He achieved milestones in baseball, always at an early age –

Josh stepped-up and achieved.


PowerGomez Baseball


PowerGomez Baseball is a player advancement program created by professional baseball players and coaches. Since playing, his motivation is to teach baseball and train players to improve and refine the individual and team aspects of the game; and give players a path to continued play – high school, college, and MLB.

Rip Baseball


Josh now leads Rip Baseball Center, our new facility in Newbury Park, CA., where he runs the training center, trains thirty players a week, coaches high school at Newbury Park HS, and runs travel teams. He has ties to the St. Louis Cardinals scout program, Easton, CSUN and is living his dream.


Our new facility in Newbury Park, CA Rip Baseball




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